Cash Advances Create ‘Sharknados’ of Credit Card Debt

Posted July 22, 2013 by CCC Staff in

Loan Shark

It’s the end of the month and you just need a few toonies to get you through pay day… so you take your credit card down to the nearest ABM. You easily walk away with cash in hand, now able to pay rent or eat at your favourite ‘cash only’ cafe.

That was simple enough, eh? Like a trustworthy friend, your credit card was there for you in your time of need. There to loan you cash, no questions asked.

You may think your card was looking out for you, but, what you may not realize is once you removed that cash from the ABM, your card just transformed into a dangerous Loan Shark!

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Is It Safe To Apply For Credit Cards Online?

Posted July 17, 2013 by CCC Staff in

Bank Safe Combination

If someone came knocking at your door, pretending to be a representative of your banking institution, asking for your personal information, you definitely wouldn’t give it to them…so why would you do the same thing on your computer?

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Which Credit Card Is Best For Me?

Posted July 10, 2013 by CCC Staff in

glove on fence

We believe credit cards are a valuable financial tool – when used responsibly. Your spending habits and financial goals should play a part in deciding what card is best for your unique situation. However, searching for the perfect credit card can be overwhelming and stressful. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which one will best suit your needs. We want to make sure your new credit card “fits you like a glove,” so here’s a quick cheat sheet to know which type of card to apply for…

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Wisecracking Tweets About Credit Cards

Posted July 5, 2013 by CCC Staff in

We are always on the look out, to see what you have to say about credit cards – whether it’s a question, comment or just a funny tweet about how you use your card.

The following tweets have earned the honor as our Best Wisecracks for June:

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Should You Give Your Teen Your Credit Card?

Posted July 4, 2013 by CCC Staff in ,

Shop assistant

It seems innocent enough. Your teen needs some new clothes & you definitely don’t have the energy to watch them try on every latest fashion trend, so you hand them your credit card with clear and concise instructions, and watch them drive off into the sunset. Over the years your child has shown they are responsible and can be trusted with those secret 16 digits, so you have nothing to worry about. Or do you?

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Canadian Newcomers: Starting Your New Life & Establishing Credit

Posted July 3, 2013 by CCC Staff in

The moving truck is here!

After months of preparation and weeks of living amongst towers of cardboard boxes, you’ve finally arrived in Canada. You have a job, somewhere to live and may even have some of those moving boxes unpacked. Unfortunately, there are a lot more items on your To Do List – such as getting the kids enrolled in school, finding a family doctor & learning your way around town. You’ll also want to add getting identification, a SIN and a banking account. Oh and then, there’s establishing your Canadian credit history…

Moving to a new town, let alone a new country, can be confusing & overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to even start sometimes. Here are some helpful tips to starting your new financial life in Canada.

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