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Sex Pistols Credit Card Designs Launched in UK

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Sex Pistols MasterCards

Credit cards are definitely not punk rock, but that didn’t stop Virgin Money from wrapping two new credit cards with iconic Sex Pistols artwork. The UK financial services company is owned by the Virgin Group and founded by Sir Richard Branson. The unlikely pairing does make a little sense, considering it was Virgin Records that signed the Sex Pistols. Virgin Money explains the move on their website:

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My Cat Received a Better Credit Card Offer Than Me!

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Multiple Credit Card Offers

For the most part, when people turn 18 years of age, they begin to receive their first credit card offers in the mail. Occasionally the type of offers being received are ever-so-slightly out of the ordinary, whereby the offer arrives for a member of the family who is far too young, or for family members who are not even human.

Here are some examples of cases where credit card offers are verging on the outlandish.

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Paying for Pot With Plastic

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As of January 1st, Colorado became the first US state to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana. Pot tokers have flocked to marijuana retailers, shelling out upwards of $70 for an eighth ounce. Many consumers are using plastic to complete their transactions, which according to the WSJ, is causing some confusion for card processors VISA and MasterCard.

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Wisecracking Tweets About Credit Cards

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We are always on the look out, to see what you have to say about credit cards – whether it’s a question, comment or just a funny tweet about how you use your card.

The following tweets have earned the honor as our Best Wisecracks for June:

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Happy Canada Day!

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7 Strange Things to Buy with Your Credit Card

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Plastic seems to the the way to buy almost anything. Anytime you want something, you can just pull out your credit card, and give it a swipe.

Most of us stick to using our credit cards for things like lattes and road trips. However, there are those who us their credit cards for other items — some of them a little shady and strange. But, in the long run, does it matter how strange your purchase is? Not if you can score the rewards points!

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