Advertising Disclosure has business relationships with some credit card issuers featured on this site. We may receive compensation from these issuers when consumers apply for and/or are approved for a credit card through links on this website. For example, when a visitor clicks on an “Apply Now” button, we may be compensated if that visitor is approved for a card.

The prominence and placement of certain credit cards may be done in a strategic way to maximize our revenue. Where possible, we try to offer a variety of competing products alongside these offers to give consumers more choice. In many ways, the placement of credit card offers on this site is dictated by our visitors. For example, if many people are clicking on “Card A” and getting approved, that card will rise in ranking on our site. If “Card B” gets a lot of clicks, but not very many approvals, we may determine that card is not suited to our visitors and will be demoted, or removed altogether.

We do not accept money for writing positive reviews. All reviews are the opinions of the staff. If we make a recommendation for a specific credit card it’s because we actually believe it’s a good product! However, it might not be a good product for everyone. Keep reading…

We believe credit cards are a useful financial tool. But we also understand high-interest debt can leave people’s finances in ruin if misused. We often remind our readers to be responsible with their credit card use. We also believe that if credit cards can not be used responsibly, then they should not be used at all.