American Express Canada To Launch New Premium Travel Credit Card

Posted November 15, 2013 by CCC Staff in


American Express Canada, Aeroplan and AirCanada announced a new multi-year partnership that will extend the already long relationship between the three companies.

The announcement confirms Amex Canada will continue offering AeroplanPlus cards for both consumers and corporations, while Aeroplan will continue to participate in the Amex Membership Rewards Program allowing cardmembers to transfer AMEX points to Aeroplan on a 1:1 basis.

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Cancelling Your Credit Card: Why Cutting It Up Is Just Not Enough

Posted November 8, 2013 by CCC Staff in

Cutting Up Credit Card

It’s time to say goodbye to your credit card. You’ve had enough of the blackout dates & poor customer service and your shiny new rewards card just arrived. Or, maybe you’ve finally taken advantage of a balance transfer to get a lower interest rate and now need to cancel your old account. Cancelling a credit card account is a fairly simple process, but there are definitely some important things to do before sending that old card through the shredder.

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Are You Maximizing Your Rewards?

Posted October 16, 2013 by CCC Staff in
Photo Credit: Tomasz Piwowarek

Photo Credit: Tomasz Piwowarek

Reward programs are not as contemporary & hip as you may think. Loyalty or reward programs have been a part of our consumer culture for quite some time. For instance, Canadian Tire started a rewards program back in the 1950’s with their ‘Cash Bonus Coupons’ or Canadian Tire Money featuring “Sandy McTire.”

While reward programs are extremely popular, and have been for decades now, most program members are not maximizing the benefits. Many of us are working to pay off our credit cards, instead of letting them work for us. So, how are you supposed to get the most out of credit card rewards programs?

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Review: Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card

Posted October 2, 2013 by CCC Staff in

Cash back cards are a great option for those financially-responsible, savvy-spender types. You know, the guy or gal who is never late with a payment, pays their credit card balance off each month, and uses their card for…well, everything.

Since cash back cards generally come with higher annual fees and interest rates, they’re better suited for those who consistently live within their means and pay on time. If you fall in this category you should consider switching to a premium cash back card. According to Moneysense, one of the top cash back cards in Canada is the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card.

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TD Canada Trust & CIBC Cardmembers: Facts About Aeroplan Deal

Posted September 26, 2013 by CCC Staff in


Sometimes in a relationship you just want out, other times you’re willing to ‘see other people.’ The latest drama in the Credit Card Soap Opera shows CIBC is willing to let Aeroplan see other people, instead of calling it quits all together.

The Globe and Mail recently reported that TD Bank and CIBC agree to split current Aeroplan accounts and share the role of being Aeroplan providers for the next 10 years. Many Aeroplan cardmembers with TD Bank and CIBC are outraged and confused by the news, stating they have yet to hear directly from the banks about the upcoming switch. We’ve put together a quick breakdown for current confused cardholders…

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Student Credit Cards: Build Credit, Not Rewards

Posted September 16, 2013 by CCC Staff in


Get Double The Points, Earn Extra Miles or Receive Bonus Cash Back! It’s hard these days to come across a credit card offer that’s not promoting some sort of rewards program. Issuers are offering more and more rewards these days in an effort to get you to sign up for their special credit card. And, with many offering extra points, double miles and more cash back for certain purchases, why wouldn’t you want one?

While rewards cards might be extremely popular, they’re not always the best option…especially for students just starting out.

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