How to Not Fall Victim to the CRA Phone Scam

Posted February 10, 2019 by CCC Staff in ,

Have you ever received a phone call from someone who claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) threatening to arrest you if you don’t pay up? You’re not alone. The “CRA phone scam,” as it’s come to be known, is quite prevalent in Canada. In fact, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, more than $15 million has been taken from about 4,000 Canadians through the CRA phone scam since 2014. (Although the actual number of victims and dollar amount stolen is likely a lot higher.)

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Marriott Reveals its New Rewards Program: Marriott Bonvoy

Posted February 9, 2019 by Sean Cooper in ,

A lot has been happening at Marriott International the past several months. Last summer Marriott International announced its plans to combine its three popular brands – Marriott, Starwood and St. Regis – as one loyalty portfolio. Members waited in anticipation for the new program that promised “unmatched benefits.” Now we finally know what it looks like. Here’s the inside scoop.

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What’s the Credit Card CVV and Why Does it Matter?

Posted January 9, 2019 by CCC Staff in

Everyone knows guarding your credit card number is important, but did you know that there’s another number on your credit card you should be guarding closely as well? Besides your credit card number, the most important number on your credit card is the CVV. You may have heard of this number, but do you truly understand what it is? Let’s take a closer look at what the CVV is and why it matters.

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Canada’s Privacy Commissioner to Issue Guidelines for Buying Cannabis Online with a Credit Card

Posted November 28, 2018 by cccadmin in

Are you planning to buy cannabis with your credit card and you’re concerned about your credit card statement falling into the wrong hands? You’re not alone. Although it may be legal to buy marijuana in Canada, cannabis for recreational purposes remains illegal in most other jurisdictions.

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Making the Most of Your Credit Card on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted November 22, 2018 by CCC Staff in

Boxing Day move over, there’s a new number one shopping day in town. Ever since Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrived in Canada several few years ago, Canadians can’t seem to get enough of them. With another record year expected, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk about credit cards. Here are the ways to make the most of your credit card on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Some Retailers Setting Thresholds on Credit Card Purchases

Posted November 6, 2018 by Craig Jenkins in

I was recently in Kensington market in Toronto when some fresh raspberries caught my eye at a local supermarket. I went inside to pay with my credit card when I was informed by the store clerk that I could only pay with credit card if I spent at least $20. This was more of an impulse purchase and I wasn’t close to the $20 threshold and I didn’t have the cash on hand, so I left the store without buying the raspberries.

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