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Celebrating Financial Literacy Month 2017

Posted November 5, 2017 by cccadmin in

Financial Literacy Month

Happy Financial Literacy Month, everyone! Can you believe we’re celebrating the 7th annual Financial Literacy Month? This year has a unique theme: “Take charge of your finances: It pays to know!” It’s all about Canadians taking actions on their finances to better manage their money and debt. This includes creating a budget, setting up a savings plan and understanding your financial rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

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Are Debit Card Rewards Worth Considering?

Posted September 20, 2017 by cccadmin in

Do you prefer using your debit card over your credit card in certain instances? You’re not alone. When you’re at the supermarket, it can be convenient to use your debit card and request cashback at no extra charge. It’s a lot easier than going to the ABM to get cash.

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OMG I Forgot to Pay My Credit Card Bill!

Posted June 19, 2017 by Craig Jenkins in

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you forgot to pay your credit card bill? This recently happened to me, so I can tell you firsthand. Like many of you, I live a busy life. Between late nights at the office, running errands and going to the gym, it can be easy to forget something important.

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Burn Your Mortgage: 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Credit Cards

Posted March 8, 2017 by Sean Cooper in ,

Burn Your Mortgage

This week’s post is a guest post by Sean Cooper. Take it away Sean…

A little over a year ago I achieved the ultimate dream of financial freedom when I paid off my 30-year mortgage in just 3 years – and I did this by the ripe old age of 30. I celebrated by burning my mortgage papers on national TV. My story went viral, making headlines around the world. I received dozens of emails both congratulating me and wanting to follow in my footsteps. This inspired to me write my new book, Burn Your Mortgage: The Simple, Powerful Path to Financial Freedom for Canadians.

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5 Credit Card Tips for the New Year

Posted January 13, 2017 by CCC Staff in ,

Woman Thinking About Credit Cards

Happy new year, everyone! We hope your holidays were happy and relaxing. Credit cards may be the last thing on your mind in January (until you get your statement with your holiday spending), but here’s why they should be top of mind. One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to pay down debt. If you’re carrying a balance on your credit card, it’s the perfect place to start.

Here are five credit card tips to start the new year off right.

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