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Feb 9, 2016 - Have you ever wondered how credit card payment posting works? Most people don’t bother to ask about how long it takes until they need it. Let’s say you make a lot of costly purchases on your credit card for home repairs this month. Your credit card balance is near your credit limit, but you still need to make more purchases. If you have the available cash on hand, you can ...Read More

As the saying goes, parting is such sweet sorrow. Sometimes the writing is on the wall for a credit card that was once your favourite. Credit cards can get closed…
Cash is no longer king in Canada. Canada is moving towards an increasingly cashless society. Global news recently wrote an article about how more Canadians favour their debit and credit…
We’re three week into 2016 – how are your financial goals shaping up for this year? Paying down debt is one of the top financial goals for Canadians. While setting…
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