Royal Canadian Mint: Buy a Glow in the Dark Coin

By Janet Hutchins on Apr 13, 2012 | Filed in News

Canada is getting ready to ditch the penny, but that doesn’t mean that the Royal Canadian Mint is going to have nothing to do. Indeed, there are plenty of other denominations that are minted as coins here in Canada.

However, the Royal Canadian Mint does more than just issue “regular” money. The mint also produces specialty coins and collector’s editions. Starting Monday April 16, 2012, though, the mint plans to begin offering a glow in the dark coin.

Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

When we think of coins, we don’t usually think of them as glowing in the dark. However, the Royal Canadian Mint is ready to change that. Starting on Monday, the mint will issue a coin featuring the first dinosaur discovered in northern Alberta, the Pachyrhinosaurus lacusti.

In the light, the 25 cent piece will show a color version of the dinosaur. However, when the lights go out, you see something different: The skeleton of the dinosaur glowing in the dark. There is a limited run of the coins; the Royal Canadian Mint is only creating 25,000 of them. As a result, they will cost more than 25 cents. Indeed, you will need to pay $29.95 if you want one of these.

Other Specialty Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

The mint makes money off these special edition coins, which are often quarters. The special coins often feature bright colors, as seen in a recent series featuring small creatures and lovely flowers. Another, with a maple leaf design, features Swarovski Elements that add a crystal look to a drop of water. The mint also releases special coins recognizing the Chinese New Year, including a beautiful $15 Year of the Dragon coin for 2012.

The truth is that it is possible for a collector to find a number of coins that look great, and that make great gifts. But I think the glow in the dark dinosaur is definitely something different and new — and something I think my son would love.

2 thoughts on “Royal Canadian Mint: Buy a Glow in the Dark Coin

  1. Jsap Michelle

    That crazy! I’m holding out for a coin that will light up or blink with a small battery inside. I know it’s just a matter of time. Do you think these speciality coins are a good investment for someone? Or are they just neat coins? I would be interested in collecting some of these as they are pretty cool, I just wonder if they would ever pay off.

  2. Brian

    That is probably the coolest coin I’ve seen… even before the glow in the dark.

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