Wouldn’t It Be Nice If All Credit Card Issuers Were Like Tarjeta Naranja?

By Janet Hutchins on Jun 19, 2012 | Filed in Credit Card Tips, News

What if your credit card issuer sent you an apology in the form of flowers if you were dissatisfied? What if, instead of treating you like a number, you felt as though you were treated like a friend? That’s philosophy behind Argentina’s Tarjeta Naranja, a local credit card on the verge of going international.

According to Ad Age, Tarjeta Naranja is popular because it works hard to build its social network, and places emphasis on great customer service. How many Canadian and American credit card issuers can say the same thing? Not many. Here is what Ad Age has to say about Tarjeta Naranja, which was started by two gym teachers in Cordoba, Argentina:

Tarjeta Naranja expanded through the country, targeting lower-income customers who didn’t have other credit cards and spreading the company’s “orange culture” of treating everyone as a friend.

Indeed, the card has almost 300,000 “likes” on Facebook, and the customer service representatives chat with consumers on Twitter. Additionally, reports Ad Age, Tarjeta Naranja is considered one of the best companies to work for in Argentina and even set a world record for the most married couples working in a single company. The idea is to create a culture of friendliness and acceptance. On top of that, the card issuer is at the forefront of shopping technology, offering mobile services and mobile shopping.

Tarjeta Naranja is also well-known for its efforts in terms of social responsibility as well. The company builds soccer fields in needy neighborhoods, and works hard to raise awareness of the less fortunate. Their ad campaign revolves around the idea of being “Financially Incorrect” as a company, and putting the focus on others rather than always adhering to the bottom line.

Of course, the bottom line certainly isn’t neglected by Tarjeta Naranja. The company averages 15% and 20% revenue growth annually, according to Ad Age. That’s not bad for a company that focuses on low-income customers and sends potted plants to those who are less than satisfied.

What Does Your Credit Card Issuer Do for You?

With Tarjeta Naranja putting emphasis on human beings, rather than on wringing every last penny out of consumers, it begs the question: When was the last time your credit card issuer sent you flowers? When many of us think of “getting back” from a credit card issuer, we think of our rewards credit cards. It wouldn’t even dawn on many of us to expect particularly exceptional service, or be treated as anything other than a number as we’re herded through the robo-response call.

However, Argentina’s local credit card offers food for thought. Maybe we should start demanding better service — and a little respect — for our own credit card issuers.