See through Money in Canada

By Janet Hutchins on Apr 25, 2012 | Filed in Offbeat

When you look at your money, you don’t usually expect to look through it. However, Canada’s new bills bring a new meaning to transparency when it comes to your finances.

The latest in Canadian money is money made from polymers. Canada released $100 bills in late 2011, and has a plan to put bills of lower denominations in circulation through the end of 2013. The new bills are meant to be more secure — not just look cool.

Canada Joins the Ranks of Countries Issuing Plastic Money

There are more countries in the world that issue these polymer bills. In fact, plastic money has been around for more than 20 years. However, Canada’s money is on the cutting edge of currency technology. It’s so far ahead, and offers so much protection, and uses so much technology, that forgers will have a hard time creating counterfeits. The new plastic money in Canada is made from a polymer that won’t melt, and that has other properties that make it as durable as it is interesting.

It seems as though Canada is determined to push the envelope when it comes to money. Not only is the money commonly circulated throughout Canada changing, but the Royal Canadian Mint offers plenty of interesting collector’s coins as well. The most recent offering is a glow in the dark coin. It looks as though there are plenty of interesting ideas for the Canadian Mint to turn to for the future.

What Do You Think of the New Money?

There have been a lot of changes happening lately with Canadian money. New innovations are developed regularly, and relics of the past are being gotten rid of. The Canadian government has ditched the penny, believing that it is no longer relevant. Indeed, focus on money that is more likely to be useful in the future, as well as secure, seems to be the direction Canadian currency is going.

But all of these changes might be a bit much for some. Indeed, with the penny gone, and with new polymer money to take its place, there are some changes to consider. Are these changes for the best? It’s hard to tell. But it will be interesting to see how these changes catch. Although, with the growing prevalence of credit cards for payment transactions, there might not be a lot for people to get used to. After all, you have to use cash in order for all these cash changes to truly affect you.

One thought on “See through Money in Canada

  1. Theresa

    I think the new money feels weird. but is kinda cool. I’m glad they all still have different colors and such.
    And I still can’t believe they are getting rid of the penny!!! it’ll be weird. Everything will be rounded up or down.
    $19.95 or will it become $20.00

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