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Tim Hortons, CIBC Partner Up to Launch New Double Double Visa Credit Card

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Tim Hortons Sign

[Photo by meddygarnet CC by 2.0]

Tim Hortons is hoping Canadian coffee drinkers will warm up to its newest credit card offering. Canada’s favourite coffee chain has partnered with CIBC to launch the “CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card.” This credit card is as Canadian as it gets – “double double” is slang when ordering a coffee, indicating two creams and two sugars.

This is no ordinary credit card – the rewards credit card comes with physical buttons cardholders can press when making purchases. The credit card launch comes amid heavy competition from rivals McDonald’s and Starbucks, who have been chipping away at Tim Hortons market share in recent years.

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The Anatomy of a Credit Card Transaction

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Credit Card Processing RFID

Have you ever wondered what happens when your credit card is used for a purchase? Today credit card purchases are easier than ever. With most merchants switching to Chip-and-PIN, credit card transactions are more secure than ever before. Simply insert your card, enter your 4-digit PIN and you can spend hundreds – or even thousands – in an instant.

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TD Aeroplan Deal a Smashing Success for TD Bank

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TD Bank Sign

The deal that shook up the credit card world appears to be paying immediate dividends for TD Bank. New credit cardholders have been signing up in droves for TD Bank’s Aeroplan Visa card. The deal added to the big bank’s bottom line by boosting TD Bank’s first quarter profits to $2 billion.

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7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business

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The dream of working for yourself is a powerful one. The ability to be your own boss, set your own hours, and take vacations whenever you want offers a strong incentive to want to start a business.

But what if you don’t have the money you need?

The good news is that you can start a business on a shoestring. You just have to know how to booststrap it. First of all, realise that you won’t be able to boostrap a business that requires a lot of equipment and high startup costs. Think about your business idea, and what it entails. If you are operating on a very small budget, you will need a business idea that has relatively low costs.

Once you know that your business idea is compatible with boostrapping, you can use these 7 tips that can help you make it work:

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Own a Small Business? Don’t Forget These Tax Deductions

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It seems as though tax season just ended, but it’s never to late to start thinking about next year. In fact, you will have an easier time of it if you prepare all year for your taxes.

One of the best ways to prepare for your taxes as a small business is to keep track of your business expenses throughout the year. Many of these business expenses are tax-deductible, meaning that the Canadian Revenue Agency will let you deduct them from your income at tax time. So, keep track throughout the year, and you could reap the benefits.

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Canadians Pay High Fees for Credit Card Use

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Card Transaction

If you are Canadian, and you use a credit card, chances are you are paying for that privilege — even if you don’t carry a balance and use your Canadian credit card interest-free. The fees charged to merchants in Canada for accepting credit cards are among the highest in the world.

Canada’s Competition Bureau is arguing that the high fees that Canadian merchants pay for accepting credit cards is unfair, especially since the cost of the fees are passed on to consumers. Even those who use cash end up paying, in some way, for these high fees. Canadian Business reports on the impact of high fees:

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